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Life’s Sweeter with a Little Cake.

Life’s Sweeter with a Little Cake.

Where you can pick your favourite cup cakes

Our Sweet Story

SweetnCup, full of sweet memories like its name. 1997 SHE realized that her cupcakes are being so much loved in family and friends. Where ever there was suppose to be any family gathering or occasion her cupcakes and Molton cakes were in high demand. Cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles & aunts you name any and they were fond of her Molton Cakes and Cup Cakes. They use to say "Our Mama makes the best Molton Cakes Ever in the World : - ). We cherish great memories of sweetness and taste during all these years.

In 2009 this lagacy took its first flight and it was named as "SweetnCup". Sweet in a Cup. This name has great stories attached to it, care and happiness, sweetness, and love; you share with your loved ones. SweetnCup Central Kitchen was inaugurated to share this legacy and taste with rest of Kuwait. And we started Delivery in whole Kuwait. Yes! now whole of Kuwait started sharing this sweetness and became a part of our story. Molton Cakes & Cup Cakes; became huge success amongst Kuwaitis and all nationalities living in Kuwait. It became a huge success story.

In 2010 SweetnCup started selling in Yarmouk over a Kiosk with its first physical presence in Kuwait. and started selling sweet memories to its visitors.

2018 SweetnCup has its first outlet in Qurtuba and we added 200+ products in an expantion of our central kitchen with multiplying folds. Our Customers become our main strength and we never compromised on our taste and quality.

Molton Cakes & Cup Cakes has always remained our specialty and now 200+ products are also winning hearts.

Our special product line including Fashion Line for Women has increased demand. Special Fashion Line has Choclate made Shoes, Lips sticks, Purses etc. Where as our mouth melting Chocolate bars and Truffles are always in high demand.

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Our inspiration comes from you

We are spreading taste and happiness through our sweetest Cup Cakes, Molton Cakes and 200+ products in Kuwait since 1997